Como Cam invites discourse on whether fashion branding has eclipsed the actual meaning of the clothing itself.

Luxury fashion is characterised by design, quality and craftsmanship, but these assets are often regarded - consciously or otherwise - as secondary to the brand image and identity. Prestige is bestowed via the brand’s association.

‘This interactive installation takes this idea into a branded environment where viewers and participants become hyper-aware of the persuasiveness of high-end fashion logos.’

The work exists in both a physical and digital space through live-streaming onto where viewers and participants can then select their branded background of choice and capture an image of themselves in these worlds.


Branded virtual backgrounds made by Tom Hancocks

Como-Cam, 2018

2100 mm x 2890 x 1800MDF, Acrylic paint, Fluorescent light, Tule, Computer, GoPro